Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Gift Ideas For A Firefighter

Finding the best gift ideas for a firefighter you love can be hard. Sure, you already know about the inherent dangers of the job, otherwise you would not be with them for so long already. However, coming up with a gift for your love to help them on their harrowing job is hard. I know this from experience because I always had to find a gift for my husband and it got harder and harder.

First, the best gift for a firefighter is one which is going to help them when they are on the job. Sure, tools are a great item for them when they are at home. However, tools they cannot take with them may not help them in saving their life if they get trapped in a building.

Second, you typically do not want to spend a bundle of money on your gift idea for a firefighter you love. When you are spending a ton of money on one gift, you can only get them one gift and this may not prove to be helpful to them. However, the gifts may also be used and abused while they are on the job and this could disappoint you when the gift ends up broken or damaged.

Life Safety Knives

Okay, as a firefighter my husband always said he could never find a knife when he needed it. So a great idea for a gift is a life safety type of knife. These knives will range in price from very expensive to the ones which are lower in cost and easy for you to buy. I know for me, I found the knives which offer the seat belt cutter, and window punch to be the most useful. My husband always thanked me when I bought him these knives because it meant he could easily get to his patients, but also this knife was small enough to fit into his pockets.

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Who does not like being stuck in the dark in the middle of a rainy storm? Well, I know for a fact I hate being stuck outside in a storm at night and you can imagine how firefighters feel because they do not have much in the way of flashlights. Normally the flashlights which are provided for firefighters are limited and the powerful ones are even more limited as the departments typically have two to four of these on each truck. So a powerful flashlight like the ones which you can see in this list here will work great for the firefighter you love.

Provide For The Entire Firefighter Family

Anyone who has dated a firefighter or loved one knows they are one giant family. Sometimes you want to provide for the entire family at the station that your loved one works with. When this is the case, you need to look at a gift basket. However, you do not want to pick up the generic basket from the store, instead you want to find a gift basket that can provide you with all you want to have for everyone in the station family and provide some thought to the basket. This may even mean looking at the different gift baskets which you can find at websites like this one here.

Being in love with a firefighter is not an easy task. I mean heck I love my husband dearly, but I know that any day he goes to work he may not come back the next day. This is when I decided I would share some great gift ideas for a firefighter. Then you can finally start to shower them with the gifts they deserve, even if it is not near Christmas or any other holiday.